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Water for Life

In rural areas of Mali, water scarcity is severe. Besides boreholes, the only sources of water that communities usually have access to are small ponds, hand-dug wells, streams or rivers. The climate is hot and dry. In many communities, people have no choice but to walk several miles one way in order to obtain water for their daily needs such as drinking, cooking, bathing and washing their clothes. Communities that Humanity First refurbishes and builds water wells in have populations ranging from 250 people to more than 2,000.


Humanity First aims to bring water to communities where other aspects of human life, such as health, education, and overall socioeconomic status could be greatly improved. We seek to do this because, as we are often told, "water is life." A broken well costs approximately $1000 to refurbish and so far Humanity First UMD has successfully generated money for three wells. Our trip to Mali in January 2016 will include an opportunity to build one of these wells we've raised money for.


For more information on this global initiative, visit Humanity First USA's page.

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