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GBM #1 Meeting Notes (9/22/15)


Club Structure and Information:

There are 8 board positions:


-vice president


-fundraising chair

-marketing chair

-general secretary

-international service chair 

-local service chair


Under each board position, there can be many project leaders who take charge of specific project and initiatives. There is currently a need for several new project leaders listed below. If you are interested in any of these positions or in any of the initiatives described on the website, please contact us. 


❖      Need project leaders in the following areas:

     ➢   English curriculum development (for French students) [International service]

     ➢   Buying and collecting school supplies [International service]

     ➢   Fundraiser promotion [Marketing]

     ➢   Recreation [Marketing]

     ➢   Homeless shelters [Local service]

     ➢   Medical clinic [Local service]

     ➢   Club Historian [General Secretary/Marketing]


International Focus

In addition to launching local service initiatives, we are planning a trip to Mali for UMD students January 2016. For more information on the project, visit the the projects page and contact us with any questions.


Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Visit the event schedule page for the complete list. (Note: to sign up for event, go through this website or this link:


Next GBM : October 5th at 7pm in JMZ 0220


Discussion Series: 

This week we discussed the Syrian refugee crisis and watched these two really interesting videos:


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